The Braxtons


Evelyn Braxton, the mother of 6 is from South Carolina. She is a former opera singer, cosmetologist and pastor. She was married to the Braxtons’ father Micheal Conrad Braxton Sr., and divorced after finding he had been cheating. Throughout the seasons it shows Evelyn dating new men and also closing old wounds from her marriage. She raised the Braxtons’ in a strict religious home and because of that she has held them to a high level of acting as they know is right. While trying to let her children grow and be less dependent on her, she has admitted that she has no problem with getting plastic surgery to look young, so she can meet men.


Toni Braxton, the oldest Braxton sister was born on October 7, 1967. She is the “Superstar” out of her siblings and has went on to win 6 Grammy Awards, 7 American Music Awards and 9 Billboard Music Awards. One noteable song she recorded was “Unbreak my Heart.” Throughout the seasons you see her as she battles getting her life back together after bankruptcy.


Towanda Braxton, serves as Toni’s assistant. She is shown as a hard working mom who wants to spend more time with her children. She is battling marital issues with her husband who she considers her roommate and admits that they are not in love with each other and have only stayed together for the betterment of the children.


Tamar Braxton- Herbert, is the baby of the bunch. She is the sister that does not mind telling you what is on her mind and most importantly if she thinks what you’re doing with your life is wrong or right. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. She is married to Vincent Herbert, a record executive. Through out the seasons you see Tamar saying she will not be a mother and does not want to have children but she wants to start her music career. Vince wants a family and I am happy to announce Tamar is currently pregnant and is exciting about stepping into motherhood while she begins her independent singing career without being Toni’s “doo wap” backup singer.


Traci Braxton, is called “The Wannabe” of the clan. She had to leave the group in the early 90’s after she got pregnant at a young age. She married and since then she feels her dreams of touring, singing and working in the music industry was not fully completed. She is the more quite sister who seems to stay to herself. Her and her husband are also having marital issues, she wants to relocate for her music career while he wants her to be more independent and not spend so much time with her sisters.


Trina Braxton is the “alcoholic” of the bunch, throughout the show she admits to being drunk atleast 80 percent of the time they are recording. She has marital issues with her husband who admits to cheating on her for five out of the seven years they have been married. Trina has had a lot of backlash from her sister Tamar, who lets it be known that she does not care for Tina’s husband.


Vincent Herbert, known on the show as Vince, is a songwriter, record producer, record executive and the founder and CEO of Streamline Records, which is an imprint of Interscope Records. He has notably worked with Toni Braxton, Lady Gaga, Mindless Behavior, JoJo, Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child. He is expecting a baby boy with his wife Tamar Braxton. They have their own reality show, a spin off from The Braxtons Family Values, called “Tamar & Vince.”


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